Taurus horoscope for january 9

Most Compatabile With: Taurus. January 9th is a date that marks the end of one cycle and preparations for the new one. This is a place where.
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Taurus Daily Horoscope

You will have the motivation to try new things without anyone holding you back. The only thing that does actually hold you back is the fact that Mars can be quite defensive while retrograde so you might not take public criticism too well. You might choose to leave a job when Mars goes direct on Aug 29 after a build-up of frustrations in the workplace.

Mars often means brave new starts, but is sometimes too impulsive. However, with the retrograde you know that you really have looked at all options and you are not being too rash in your decision. I would wait until Mars turns direct before you make any leaving announcement, you want to say goodbye holding a good reference! On Aug 13 Mars retrograde re-enters your house of foreigners so international business connections might need re-affirming or you might revisit a place you have always felt a past life connection to. A busy summer of three eclipses. The first Jul 13 Solar Eclipse could be a time when you become quite obsessed with a new topic which completely changes the way you write or communicate.

Great strides in your mental capabilities can occur at this time.

Welcome to Capricorn season, Taurus!

This is also the zone of siblings and old school friends, so the eclipse might bring some unexpected re-connections. It could also change the way you relate to these people in a big way. If you have not seen each other for a while, the friendship could be renewed.

On the other hand, you might finally make the break from a classmate that you have long outgrown. Reboot the brain! The second Jul 27 Lunar Eclipse can be one where pleasant exchanges between the generations happen, for example Grandma passes on knowledge from her childhood. The crisis of the Lunar eclipse, however, could have you storming out of a classroom. Conflict arises between seeing the bigger picture and nit-picking. There is also the possibility of creating your own personal rituals and spiritual practice after becoming disappointed by traditional monotheistic religions.

A lunar eclipse in the house of the goddess has a very pagan feel to it. It is about constructing your own elemental shrine in your garden as opposed to worship in a grand cathedral. You may need these clan members to be your anchor if extreme waves of sentiments and sorrow overwhelm you. Since Saturn is in your spiritual 9 th house you might like to travel to the place of your ancestors for support.

Mars joins Black Moon Lilith in your career zone. Now Mars is direct again it can really push forward with ambitious projects, even if these projects seem quite alien to colleagues that have a very set way of thinking.

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The 10 th house of status is also the house of the mother, so here you may also have to deal with unresolved childhood rage which may be misdirected at female authority figures around you. If this woman really is an old harridan, it could push you to the point where you decide to flee. There can be a realization that success or not in the wider world stems from criticism you received as a child. Now you can start to put right the fact you have overworked to gain praise or underworked to confirm your feelings of failure.

Venus is retrograde from Oct 6 to Nov It starts off in your marriage house and regresses back into your work zone.

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The most intense part of the retrograde will be in your house of relationships until Halloween wooooo! Venus retrograde in your marriage zone could work out either wonderfully, or… not, depending on how much self-work you have done in the realm of relationships. Usually Venus is mostly love and light, but in her retrograde phase, she tends to call on her Luciferian side.

An old foe could re-surface, but this is actually to give you the opportunity to make the peace with them. You may never be best buddies, but at least you can tie-up loose ends and bring closure to your connection. Venus retrograde also works some magic for any ex-partner with whom you hold some resentment towards. Reconciling with your Ex would be even better if there are children involved.

Daily Taurus Horoscope for Friday, January 9,

This sets them an example that people can heal past hurts and move on to better things. Sometimes a divorce can actually finalise at this time which could rake up sad memories, or you find yourself pining over an ex-lover. After Nov 16 you might feel like running away to create beautiful objects and forget relationships entirely. At least the ex can provide a good muse for creativity. You could reconnect with an old work colleague on a cultural day out during at this time. Nov 8 Jupiter enters a new sign, so this is a brand new influence for the next year with it now moving into your taboo 8 th house.

Jupiter can bring deep psychological changes through spiritual teachings here. You may not be consciously aware of it at the time, but these lessons will reveal their effect on your future prosperity. Sometimes reaching up towards a higher power comes out of desperation and a crisis. Again the mystical wisdom gained will surface later on and it might be hard to see where the root of it even came from. Saturn in Capricorn is trine your decan until Dec Your life is blessed by the supreme structure of Saturn while this trine is in effect.

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  • You will need to build on it so that you can keep this framework for the future. This is an opportunity not to be squandered! A new relationship is likely to grow on you also. Anything worthwhile is going to take time to mature with this Saturn transit, but it really will be the case of an ugly duckling turning into a swan. In the beginning of the year, the Venus square from Jan 18 to 25 tests your new mature approach in relationships.

    You might feel let down by someone who was just a player, but end up confiding in another who becomes an unexpected rock. The Ceres square from Feb 5 to Apr 28 can also be a challenging time as you adjust to becoming more realistic in your love life and mourn the loss of a fantasy boyfriend. The early part of the year is not so eventful, but it is all about planting seeds which bare fruit in the second half of the year.

    July onwards. The sun is shining and the Ceres trine blesses you with radiance from Jun 28 to Jul 22 along with that you are graced with a lush Venus trine from Jul 10 to Now you can really enjoy a roll in a haystack. This is a period for running barefoot in the park with your beloved as this is a highly auspicious time for a blossoming romance, with blossoming being the operative word.

    All outdoor activities in nature bring colour to your cheeks and a partner in picnics. Go out and dazzle in the great outdoors.

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    A jealous little argument makes you realise just how much the other person cares and all ends well. The Saturn trine will help mend any cracks as it is potent relationship glue for you in the next few years. The error could be on your part, as you find yourself being attracted to the forbidden fruit of another.